Too Short

She wants to bond a bee for Brexit…
or something like that.

Correction: She wants to BE a BOND girl for Halloween!

… [H]ey, Siren!
“Can you smell what (them bricks) are Cooking?”

TimeStamp: 1910

sin contexto

sin contexto, check back in 10 years.

El son de tres donde falta uno

The following is a Public Sevice Announcement:

... and we are still missing one

… and we are still missing one.:.30087FEE-B829-41E4-B684-7208972DEBE2

To the 100 readers who do not follow U.S., please keep in mind that this here, this most non-consequential blog is nothing more than a draft in Reel–Thyme.

So, the Sirens did not include a cover… but yes, we’ve covered it, Aussi. Look it up. In any case, öüï did mention that Music has a certain “whiff” to it.

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