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It’s 19 hundred hours in Cuba, y en Paname:

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Miterrand

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Mitterrand ¿Que horas Son?

Breaking News

Al costado del ChoChotte

En la sala Iv: Las Carretas del jinete del FMI

In Paris, the French invented La Rumba, and in Washington, the question for Ari Melver is the following:

1. If President [Trump] gets impeached and,
2. If president Trump gets removed from office and,
3. If Donald Trump goes to jail, does mr. Trump still get a library with his name on it.

Sección C

Las Pundits Parlanchinas

Las Pundits Parlanchinas.:.3A4CBFA3-CB62-42EE-A43B-A464D55351AA

El Clima en Cuba
RAFALES pal’Partido de las ocho y 45


FFF 1  —   The Young Turks 1

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, Portugal slaps the 700th Club to The Ukraine.


And in local news

And in local news.:.CB5336C2-C3A3-4129-8143-89F1C98DC1D0… WWJD,eh?

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