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It’s 19 hundred hours in Cuba, y en Paname:

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Miterrand

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Mitterrand ¿Que horas Son?

Breaking News

Al costado del ChoChotte

En la sala Iv: Las Carretas del jinete del FMI

In Paris, the French invented La Rumba, and in Washington, the question for Ari Melver is the following:

1. If President [Trump] gets impeached and,
2. If president Trump gets removed from office and,
3. If Donald Trump goes to jail, does mr. Trump still get a library with his name on it.

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Las Pundits Parlanchinas

Las Pundits Parlanchinas.:.3A4CBFA3-CB62-42EE-A43B-A464D55351AA

El Clima en Cuba
RAFALES pal’Partido de las ocho y 45


FFF 1  —   The Young Turks 1

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, Portugal slaps the 700th Club to The Ukraine.


And in local news

And in local news.:.CB5336C2-C3A3-4129-8143-89F1C98DC1D0… WWJD,eh?

Susana… it’s a brand new Count.

Take a trip on The Wild Side.


… we’ll have assholes à la mode de Caen, for breakfast with Lemon on top. Eye pro•Maíz

Polanski is a fag

Polanski is a fag.:.00D99530-E136-41C5-88A1-73D10D2FD100… sincerely Christopher Lee.

… for lunch we’ll dissect some fascist Gini and barf on Bannon. Hey! It’s what Romans did.

Any güey, Suzi, to really, really, REALLY appreciate your voice tonight one must walk up la rue Chuck Schmidt (Resistant fusilado por los Nazis) á Saint–Ouen and staring STARE at Sacré Cœur… Eye bets that you don’t even Gknow your Île.

INDEED… Eye is a survivor… even if you kill Mí.

Hey good looking…may Eye have this dance?

TimeStamp: Calexico en francés… 17h27 in Central Siren Time.

Hey… context follows, but given Steve Bannon’s expeditionary dreams, EWE’all might get the wrong idea of this most inconsequential post, eh…

Clint Eastwood follows… and he’s “got sunshine in a bag,” yeah—buddy, the Future is, is, is…

In plain sight and in Black and White

Fat Fuck is coming to town…  Sources say that Monsieur Jean Marie Le Pen has already booked a suite for this  propagandist at the Régina.

The beast arrival sources:

* Willie Nelson.