Susana… it’s a brand new Count.

Take a trip on The Wild Side.


… we’ll have assholes à la mode de Caen, for breakfast with Lemon on top. Eye pro•Maíz

Polanski is a fag

Polanski is a fag.:.00D99530-E136-41C5-88A1-73D10D2FD100… sincerely Christopher Lee.

… for lunch we’ll dissect some fascist Gini and barf on Bannon. Hey! It’s what Romans did.

Any güey, Suzi, to really, really, REALLY appreciate your voice tonight one must walk up la rue Chuck Schmidt (Resistant fusilado por los Nazis) á Saint–Ouen and staring STARE at Sacré Cœur… Eye bets that you don’t even Gknow your Île.

INDEED… Eye is a survivor… even if you kill Mí.

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