We now return to The Geppetto Pepito ballpark

¿Y qué?

Act Y

BREAKING THE WHYS, and Hamburgers in Paradise… now with smoked cheddar slices in the form of Manila Envelopes, “wink–wink” indeed, your SERVER IS Hillary RodHam Clinton. HILARITY Ensues when, wait for it, wait… Vice-president Pence is OUT!!! Open Bar. ACT NOW!!! —•_!_•—

Previously, at the bottom of the Eight, la Primera Caída was interrupted when an Obsi™️ broke the Skyline of el Colegio de France, where The House of David is having a Field Day with Camilo Cienfuegos after ceding a walk in the park to Florence Cassez, Kate is now at the plate and Sean Penn next to Yono Sé at Third base.

Los barbudos del beis

Los barbudos del beis, Camilo is their Star player and he’s not even from Brooklyn.

We [the staff] now have a Forward Observation Report from Centerfield and the description of the Bowi™️.

Short answer, the darn thing resembled a Ladybug on its back (engaged on a Backspin) with four each quadruple blades on Windmill mode.

Detail Breakdown, able to zip, cut, rise, and fall with precision and superb speed, think F1 velocity and, able to stop (full stop, period) on one of the Best Polluted Air Particles in the whole Wide World, and probably on Clear Blue Open skies, Aussi.


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