Breaking the Skyline — Ras de Bol… o algo así

What's the question?

What’s the question? .:. 9403987B-98F9-4105-B046-895198147F07 •|• Cliffnotas answer: To beg, to borrow, or TO STEAL. D.A.T. is the question, otherwise we [the staff] cese to exist. $300 is all that the staff is collecting. It’s the cost to keep the record player on.

Ladies in Gemini, we [the staff] interrupt Camilo Cienfuegos masterpiece theater to bring you the latest information on what can only bee described as an Objeto Buzzing Sin Identificación (Obsi™️) across the skyline of the Sixth District of of Radio France (RATP Line 72 à Saint Cloud Nine), casi esquina con Manu Chao’s Peewee Pétanque Park.

Un Obsi

This is not an Eye.

Forward Observation Post object’s identification and stand–out features follow; keep your Squelch–On.

Eeeek a drone.:.

EEFEE5DB-DCA6-4D57-9359-F3BA942E2B07.:.Eeeek a drone.:.

… Ancient “geoSat” technicians agree that the BOWI, or Buzzing Object Without Identification is in fact an attempt by Ancient Cartographers to monitor your every motherfucking move (on Facebook, via Amazon).

Ulrich meet Noah

Ulrich, meet Noah.:.DE8AC20E-34AD-4609-8481-2F905008019A •|• La vie des autres [1]intersects with The Truman Show; in this most non-consequential blog, Eye shits you knot, there must have been at least 6 or 7 combinations (in it’s its appropriate time and arrondissement) of Hauptmann Gerd Wieslers and the Marlon character in these “Entradas” or “Inning” as the them Washington Nationals dix it… Heck one of’em, a Marlon Type even Stole Miss Sieland scooter while she and her lover where were vacationing with their individual life-partners.
1. Indirect Source after witnessing the 10th TrumpViriate when Mike Pompeo crossed the Rubicón: Page 121 on the Purple Revue above, “¿La autenticidad del drama contra la comedia frívola?“, by doña CarolinahábitosMonje, from the University of Versailles, o algo así en SAN Quentin, Eye shits you KNOT.

Mean, while Trump is set to partner–up with the hotter–looking cunt of the Le Pen clan, in local news, it’s time to flip the Sand Clock, and in this section, the student will revisit the Search for Diderot on The Rachel Maddow Show.

To - Day

TO – DAY those holes are mostly to peep on Venus.

For the record, here’s a cheat–Sheet, and Eye promised that Eye did not wet the Cliff-notes®️, and for the purposes of the past nine years (o sea, del Bicentenario del Grito de Lola, a La Bola de La Revolución y, hasta llegar al Primer Informe de Gobierno del Líder Moral del Frente Amplio Mexicano en Francia) following the cancellation of El Año de México en Francia, el primer grito que este tan inconsecuente blog escuchó fue « Ras de Bol » de los Amigos de México en Francia dadas las condiciones de trabajo de LA Policia en el Estado de Cuernavaca.

"The güey things are going"

“The güey things are going” they’re going to start bribing Them… trascendió que los llamados “Chalecos Amarillos” y los anónimos “Black Bloques” resguardaron la marcha de los policías, hasta el momento no hay causalidades..

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