French African guards at the Tribunal de Crystal have no logic, period

Dedos a Tres Caídas...

Dedos a Tres Caídas…
Lancry Atalian á Le Tribunal de Vidrios en CLICHY
Aztlán con acento Lagunero

It’s High-noon and Maria Bartiromo celebrates BB King’s birthday.

Non-binding opinion follows.

Non-binding opinion, and Zulu call follows… for the record, there is a €45.000 fine for meddling in a Palais de Justice, public functionaries duties.

The Thrill is gone… or is it!

Page 3, “the essays”:

… [B]ut FOist, we [the staff] switch it over to Aude “the Stylista” Andante for an update on::

Text follows

Fuck it, let U.S. deconstruct security ContractORs on the €45.000 fine of a them French functionaries en las FRONTERAS de cristal.

Mexican Flat top on a transnational escalator

It’s the bottom of the 8th and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound and, whimsical sycophants are at the PLATEAU… for “the record”, Eye did tell y’all that there was a knife in that pouch… this here, motherfucker, is a, “picking–cotton–picker”, noted Uncle Albert. The inning begins after La bendita Préfecture de Police à Cité ( metro LINE 4ª TRANSformación) switched hitters after THE SEVENTH august INNING stretch and called on the “let them eat cake gods,” which of course manifest on this new venue with “contractors” at the door.

Let's eat some Crow.

PAGE 2, N° 2455 « CLES DU JOUR » (CNEWS punto FR », let’s eat some Crow, because “all Eye wanna do” is drive some CARS. —_•|•_— For the record, there WERE no “exceptional traffic  « problèmes » ligados,”  al transporte de la RATP on Thursday, September 12th, INDEED, period… them CONTRACTORS must have changed the Rhules and must have WANTED a long-weekend to CELEBRATE Mexican Independence “mojito” weekend with Marianne Lewis, o Luis Mariano, —maybe even a “guadalupano“.

Here’s an instant replay of how that action went down at the bottom of the 11th Hour in Central CLICHY Thyme… and it’s either part of the PROTOCOL or little “Uncle Tom” in the making thinks that this most inconsequential beaner is just “one–in–a–Million”, just like Donald Trump. Hey, African guard, the TSA is hiring and you will have better opportunities to MAKE-UP the rules as you go, depending on the day of the week, motherfucker!

For the record:
Chingue a su madre Paco I. Taibo 2,
punto y aparte.

Enchiladas dobladas, con queso

Enchiladas “dobladas”, con queso gallego de El Chopo.

2 agosto, 2019… the staff [of this most inconsequential blog] SKIPS the wait, on account of the GREAT Frog Summertime BREAK, which is when the “Beautiful Ones” leave the “lilly pads” in town to head over to warmer ex–colonial LAnDs to get their “Bronceado” on, and we [Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto] headed over to Cité to get an update from BRONTIS à LA Préfecture de Cité, regarding our “Titre de Sejour” stay.

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