CINERGY: the graft behind Trump Resorts & Military bases

Welcome, to another edition of “The Life of regimes and despots” sponsored by Trump Resorts & Military bases, now with boot-licking stations.

Lyive from ROTA Air Base

Live from ROTA Air Base .:. 18955741-1F41-4B88-83C0-37C091AB0166 •|• Dear, President François Hollande, remember when president Peña Nieto brought half of MÉXICO and a Predatory BIRD Show to Bastille Day? … imagine mr. president if you Owned and Operated the Ibis brand of hotels with Continental Breakfast included (OJ only), and you, mr. president billed the “Mexican Tab” to your “love shacks”?, eh!?

[The following must bee read in the voice of a three year–old Brian Williams and, it should be noted that this segment is an AT–LARGE-Ryder “blowout” to the response to the August 16th letter from l’adjoint au chef du 6éme bureau]:

Night & Day… all the talent belongs to, wait for it, wait…
Juan Picarte el Dulce

Les Indiscrétions de las Chelloise

Les Indiscrétions de las Chelloise .:. BB127F51-8950-4F98-9541-84799269DDB0 •|• Bleu & Jaune  WALL ART by: Jean Picart le Doux ; 77500.

Öüï begin the 11th hour with a redneck eating “worm meat” from Oaxaca, and no, it is not a PROMEXICO  connected Mezcal commercial, nope. It’s the new American Green New Deal commercial.

For the record, monsieur L’adjoint au Chef de la gestapo–like Depot-Group of the 6éme bureau à Cité {generation 2011–2014}, RATP Ligne 6, please bee advised that Wormeal®️ is good for the thing people in Brussels call « La Memoire de l’IHEAL & Sciences Po », period

References before The Rachel Maddow Show’s Drift &

Flava' from the Streets

Flava’ from the Streets _•|•_ 9AD5D668-C2C0-4859-A5BA-12801293076C


2. Predatory BIRD Show

3. Bastille Day

4. Mexican Tab

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