Behind the Hurricane: Dorian


.. in his blue period, Dorian was “big” in Nova Scotia. Cult followers followed with the Trailer Park Boys.

— Wait, what! Trump can make money from his hotels!!!

Indeed, said the echo of Nicolle Wallace’s Alaska–sittin’ job.

— it’s like what in the Beto is Pelosi gonna’DO?

With what O’rourkian authority is #10 going to try to sell Mike Myres haggis to Canadians in El Ey, eh‽ Those faggots are vegetarian and they are all–in for gentrification, ese.

NOTE TO LORNE MICHAELS: what does todaAŸ means?

it’s ok, the Philly WaWa girl can use the L.I.N.E if she so pleases and if–and–only—IF, motherfucker, your writers have a Brain Fart for your… what year is it?

Inn local news:

Large crowds of Moonies gathered at the Chelloise city hall to tie the knot. Tribes surrounded monuments and big ol’tree to take the family picture.

El Doctor Terán Lara would probably express an ironic mueca on them “polivoces” mostachons. The municipal museum is in reparation y cómo diría López Obrador, el sitio “es Leal”… lo más revelador de estos pinches tiempos en los que Lester Holt reporta desde la California Pinto League, es a lo mejor The Eye in The SKY smacked right in the middle of « la glorieta » que separa el complejo habitacional que el museo tiene enfrente. Plant a Tree where that omnipresent EYE is peep-in, period

EL museo municipal de Chelles no tiene estatua en su « Glorietta de la relevancia », just saying, monsieur l’Adjutant de le chief de police en Cité. Just say’n, period, and We Love Ben & Cherry.

Hey, Negrita, “We’re UP!!!”. « Öüï are App ». Negrita, 3…, 2.., 1., period

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