Deer, Ari Melver… the point is how THESE events work

Your Friendly Siren transliterator says ¡HOLA!, Stephanie Menou, say hello to 
"el cinito mexicano", en CHELLES. 
Dickey the Beast, formally from NBC newsà NICE reports. Did you get all that Sam Stein? You also ignored the bells when Arianna paid your bills, now drink from that pretty Rockefeller coffee mug, you Ugly Mexican, you.
"Buena Rima, Tacho"

“Buena Rima, Tacho”, because history rhymes, ISSY, no es lo mismo pero sí es Igual…  is that what the  1/3 “EGALITE” section of your MOTTO means, Marianne?

Dear, president of the Review Court of the PRÉFECTURE de Paris: BE AWARE, bee VERY very Aware, the Mexican Monitors de don Calderón are FORECASTING the arrival of don PORFIRIO vía the Ypiranga (Again). We Reported, Brontis à La préfecture Vía Manuel Valls, IGNORED, period

Counselor, Eye stills gKneads a lawyer, precisely because the “man” next to the Section Chief at the 6th office of the Police Commissioner wants to shove a bunch of “details” under the eternal work–in–progress of them Parisian city streets.

ALWAYS discreet, sponsored by Vania and you local ‍ Franc Masonic Lodge

ASK mí how?

So, COUNSELOR, IF, and only IF it pleases the COURT, may Eye ask IF it is losing, if Eye has to explain (again) or, is it just the way that G.E.S.T.A.P.O. tactics has always been a part of post NAZI governments, —in order to maintain things “on the level”— just like the Department of Transportation does it to maintain all of them TANKS and other assorted MILITARY VEHICLES roads that Eisenhower republicans (those motherfuckers) call FREEgüeys.

The Mexican Sharpie Stand–off, via the direct Lines to the Unesco (bloodline) in 2015.

Let’s ask Sam Stein’s grandma. Eye sees where Sam Stein gets his “Mexican” looks from, now. It is as Clear as a CARpool lane. That sure is an ugly Mexican granny you got D.A.R.E., and don’t you D.A.R.E. object María T. K..

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