Carta abierta para Marianna — Cheese!!!


What's on Second

What’s on Second, and Eye is the shortstop, Mario Vargas Llosa is at the Gyros plate in Greece.

It’s 11 a.m. in Central NATO Times and yes, Who’s on First.


France re-establishes the WWII era sirens at HighNoon on the FOist Wednesday of every month. The wailing alerts, originally established to warn Parisians that the Luftwaffe was on a RAFALE clearing mission... or something like that.
The DETAILS for the signal TEST–check remain sketchy, but early-warnings sit-reps relay that La Maire de Paris uncovered a Hitler bust inside of a cave hugging La Seine.


Replied Trevor Noah, who just returned to the Daily Dorito show. Mr. Trevor spent some time in Mexico City where Mr. Noa Noa learned a bit of Chilango sign Language.

Not, Who, dummy, but What. What did the dude at the taco stand tell you?

The Redd Foxx screamed from across the set, where Mr. Sanford, (sans Son) was hanging behind Mr. Noah’s teleprompter set–up.

The guy was operating in Listening-Silence, the motherfucker was deaf and mute! OK?

Mr. Noa Noa replied. The Redd Foxx insisted, The Redd Foxx kept edging Mr. Noah, the old comedian wanted to, once again, explain to the World que aquí en el Obelisco de La Concordia, como en el Obelisco de Luxor de Las Vegas, Nevada: LAS QUESADILLAS SÍ LLEVAN QUESO, y no mocos.

Queso Crema

Queso Crema.:.B002853F-29EC-4E80-9E13-2A18695465DD •|• STAKES are optional, but if you DO bring–em, then after you slap-DEM fuckers on the grill, you must also BRING las Cebollitas, and the BEAN–O para  poder suprimir los pedos parfume de Green Onions.

MOCOS, güey!

Troop Leading Procedures:
How to keep the Muñoz Ledo’s from Bogarting the thing called LOVE … power.

Camilo Strikes-out The Muñoz Ledos–esos

Camilo Strikes-out The Muñoz Ledos–esos.:.66971C21-468C-4703-8036-26909C3D4364… Hoy NO HUBO Discursos de VALENTÍA  para usted por haber salvado a México de las Olimpiadas de 1968.

Now get on the Good Foot, and relay to La Comadre Lety que por Favor no siga insistiendo. My corazón belongs to Suzi who apparently is pulling a 12-hour Jazz Vee marathon near Le Equinox de Balard… Coraje, Susana SePu[L]vedA, coraje. On the bright side, it’s just your mic and my earbuds now, now that El Improvisado de las 7de la tarde noche terminó su jornada de “presentador”.

20h00 in Central Europe Time. Indeed. Meanwhile page 3 of El Pais de Vargas Llosa acusa al presidente de Francia, Emmanuel Macron de ser un populista en La Rentrée, o algo así. Cosa que hiede a Manuelito Valls y los descarados de la derecha Ibérica. Issy, queridos de France24, cualquier parecido a Aguascalientes, es pura rotación de gobiernos en los comicios electoreros.

Think Eye will now go on a WalkAbout, so:


SALVAJES y además hasta INGRATOS.

Keep shooting the messenger, please, and for the record, NOBODY is covering the Right field, while Dorian Gray is hugging The EST Zone.

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