Jazz a La Villette with your host … An Update

If it’s el UNO de septiembre, Chuck Todd, then it’s time for El Informe para la Agence France Presse, (colombiana) period

Informe de gobierno

Primer Informe de GOBIERNO para Madame Christiane Amanpour à CNN Internacional… congratulations Mme. Le Talking Head at the CNN news desk ; “misión cumplida, doña Tatiana Couthier“, en La Prefectura de La Policia de París ya no existen rastros de los Hijos del régimen de Vichy. Felicidades Unesco, you ALONE cleared Mexico and Colombia* from criminal oligarchs “del pueblo”.

Ten Hours ago, we posted a Flashback about The ex ambassador of MEXICO to the Unesco in Paris, France, in 2016. It involved a “seminar” to protect “professional” journalists from being “taken down” by ORGANIZED criminal SYNDICATES and lesser known groups, like say Le 6éme Bureau [depot] «talents and skills » section of La Préfecture de Police á le Metro Line, Cité.

For the record, vecinos de la rue Borrego:
 Iván Márquez, ex líder de las FARC, retoma las armas en Colombia https://www.france24.com/es/20190829-colombia-farc-marquez-retoma-armas

(update on Colombian tangent from 2015/2016 is in-progress 01/09/19… in fact the BATHROOM remains flooded; there is an INSURANCE CLAIM ON THAT incident, monsieur, “L’adoint au Chef” du Room 1511 á la prefecture de Cité).

Hold that thought,
putita del FIP/Fakear
hold it, hold:

Las "embajadoras"

Las “embajadoras” de don Jorge Saldaña en la prefectura de Morena–Francia en París se llaman Aidé. Bonito nombre. Aidé.

Now to put these TWO TIMESNAPS into perspective, esteemed Joe Scarborough, you have to go back to KENTUCKY SENATOR MITCH McConnell (from Russia) when asked about filling a Supreme Court Justice seat in an Election YEAR, remember that “Buzzfeed”? Remember how your INTERNET SECURITY envoy conspired with the Mexican delegation at the Unesco on February of 2016 to BLACKLIST me, armando segovia, from ever earning a wage in FRANCE AS A JOURNALIST? Anyway Mr. Scarborough, what the father of the then Mexico Unesco Ambassador has done in the Mexican Legislation branch is the equivalent of Mitch McConnell today in Kentucky (Russia) and, lest you forget, Cousin Joe, i, armando segovia don’t favor El PAN de los cristeros de Fox, and like the Donnie Deutsch commercial says on “the” msnbc’s: we [AUSSI] covered D.A.T., period

“Öüï Are Potheads ; pum–PurAm–pum–Pam–pum—Pam!”

Hear mí out Franck

Hear Mí Out, Frank.:.CD01C16F-7747-4FB1-AC33-89B178A406B5 •|• … pum puram pam pam pam PAM, period

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