Jazz a La Villette with your host: Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, Junior

Jazz a La Villette, sponsored by The Unesco and Christina’s Happy Endings in the News (5 de febrero, 2016)… in French of course, The News in French. Only on the Roman Polanski film festival network a La Villette. 


Correction… had i, armando segovia, known that on that cold February morning of 2015 2016 i would have had a more INTEGRAL account of monsieur “L’adjoint au chef du 6ème bureau (room 1511) Philippe MARTIN – X3″ « CONSIDERATIONS », not to mention a more complete enumeration of the elements that lead me to end up eating out of the best Trash Cans in the world, NOT TO MENTION, the BEST CONVENTION EUROPÉENNE de SAUVERGARDE des DROITS de l’HOMME y sus chingadas LIBERTADES fundamentales del 4 de noviembre de 1950 y sus pinches “les articles” 3 y 8: I, Armando Segovia, would have dropped the towel a Long–Long–Time Ago. Instead, i, armando segovia, trusted  in the UNBias « Considerations » of Monsieur Bruno and Mademoiselle Stephanie, at room 1511.

And now, the Rest of The Story that the préfecture de police oublié. For The Record, monsieur X3, your country just celebrated Eisenhower’s liberation of La Porte d’Orleans, can you imagine, Sir, if in that episode of your Epic Country the French historians would have left out the mentioning of the MARBLE Plaques outside of every French elementary school? It would be like adding a Mickey Disney rat on that Isigny Cheese, and letting Bernardo Gómez and Diego Luna narrate my saga, period

la historia detrás del queso

la historia detrás del queso, starring Marcus Miller as Mikey Emmaüs.

…  so, monsieur L’adjoint au chef du 6ème bureau (room 1511) Philippe MARTIN – X3, you cannot start a “CONSIDERATION section” of Human Rights and Liberties about my personal fucking JOURNEY in your Préfecture à Cité and at the Mexican Embassy without mentioning why i, armando segovia, had to write this most non–consequential blog, —à La Villette— of course.

And now

… [A]nd now, the rest of a Circumcised account of LOS HECHOs, as told to L’adjoint au chef du 6ème bureau (room 1511) Philippe MARTIN – X3, by the Mexican Ambassador to La Rue de Longchamps, en Paris, Francia.

Exhibit One:


“Consider” the following, in a world, where Adolf Hitler never became the revisionist blockbuster for “a band apart” productions, the French celebrate the Liberation of Disneyland Paris by leaving cute little ponies outside of the “Maternelles”, o algo así; la foto [Muestra] que aquí los del staff presentamos representa a “El Potrillo de don Chente” en el rol de El potrillo emplumado, una variación del mito de Ancient Aliens mejor conocido como “El Vuelo del Águila”, de Enrique Peña Nieto durante El regreso de Quetzalcoatlito al Parque de La Villette en el verano de 2015.

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