What is on Second, Who’s on FIP Central Station — Skippy, il est LA

… [A]nd, Pelos! Is skipping with the Lights Low on the Road to Escondido.



Heavy Metal Follows:

Re-Entreé project for finals.
In this new section of a re-arranged
—Brave New World—
the last of the “well” developed worlds take a Díaz–¥–pam_€££a Anderson TANG FLAVORED PILL in order to ride the evil orb, —Loc–Don— at the 2020 G–8, AND SO, in the absence of a… (the student will Elaborate in advance, the “pormenores” del emperador).

Niño Luc

Niño Luc.:. Please stand-by for Death Cabbie for Cue-tí.

.44 S&W

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