Transcripts on ICE — Courtesy of The Rachel Maddow veals

Dedicated to NPR:


Correction… The President feels as if the First Lady, “only” sucked “Rocket Man’s” little dick.
EXTRA!!! Extra.

In conclusion, tents are irrelevant ; masturbation is transparent.

Page 1:

Mushroom clouds

Lucharan de dos tornados a tres por el Cinturón del Triángulo de Las Bermudas, Mushroom Clouds Trump contra El Huracán Ramírez®️.

Note to editors:

Shame on President Trump, period



No word if the G7 should remain consistent on who gets to go to a Hollywood, Florida (Armpit part of the redneck “riviera” in the USA) bungalow and expel the United States from the Gee Group for separating families and CLEARING LAND for new concentration RENTAL camps.

In msnbc news, Vice-president Mike Pence has implanted himself on Chris Matthews hairdo. Hey, Pence!!! Get out of Chris Matthews crisp new PELOS!!!

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