…[M]eanwhile at Schihpol — You are bit late but it’s O.K.

Hear Mí out, Franck!!!

Reel & Thyme Herb Dispensary

Reel & Thyme Herb Dispensary. Amsterdam, casi esquina con Beatles–Platz en Hamburg.

Esto es una escala entre croquis–ES, crayones–ESOS, pasteles–ESES, y por supuesto, Technique–ES ; and Lest(er) you forget, the Borradores–Aquellos.

August in Paris

August in Paris.:.A57C711C-6B97-48CF-9876-065F63DF9BA6 •|• …

2nd Period:
Drumming Lab
and “The Power of History”.
Rue Serpent 75006

Sin contexto

sin contexto… Over at ‘the’ NBC’s at Rockefeller Center, Historians are not allowed to work beefour 6 in da’mourning, and Never, ever, on Sundays.

Of course, the “Red Rocker” would have none of it!!!

Keymaster or a measly goalkeeper.

Keymaster or, a measly goalkeeper for Vladimir Putin’s goals.

¿Y su aguita de limón, how deep does it go?

… [A]nd Brian Williams responds to agent angle and, who is now manning the counter:

Oddball was here

Oddball was here.:.99CBDCE6-68EC-43E3-9080-4DD11A364C67 •|• Is it possible?

How deep is the ocean, o algo así.

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