local economy à Biarritz, on the PBS Hour

Did you know that it was the very French… who went ahead and invented the timing of actualités?

15:33 cet

15h33 CET

And, David Guru, that’s “The South West of Biarritz* », in other news, congratulations David Guru at the “up” toO early on « the » msnbc’s news for learning to improvise. Now that, motherfucker, is Jazz.

*… the south of France  is the Entire Mediterráneo, o algo así. 

And Dickey Fellow from “the” msnbc’s, you might have lived in Nice, but, motherfucker, Paris lives in Mì.

You must DIvest

You must DIvest… and release the Heidi’s from your concentration camps, monsieur Donald Trump, period

The Scene: the leaders of the Ancienne Regime gather[ing] at an Ancient Aliens®️ episode… puro « sangrón negativo, except for Abe”, of course.

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