#jerk — hoy no hubo Reel Time in El Ey’s Galaxy

… an in Hollywood, quentin Tarantino torched
Captain America. The Thing was not available for comment.

Captain America has gone to Leonardo di Caprio's cul-de-sac

Captain America has gone to Leonardo di Caprio’s cul-de-sac, to smoke a reefer with Saint–Dennis Hopper.

Breaking the Morning Maddows:

Let us ask Devil's avocado

Let us ask the Devil’s avocado. Dear, LORDE!!! the humanity on the Ari Melber show broke the ICE child facility hotels where Border Patrol agents cure little organ donors, and then transfer the little organs to the National Donald Trump replace los tejidos d’ese cancer en su pulmón with ECO-friendly strands of Authentic Indian DNA. — It’s 2040 and Donald Trump the second just opened another child facility center in LampedUSA, which the first Donald Trump purchased from our Lord and Savior, Vladimir Putin.

The girls in France smell like fish, their feet like cheese and, their lips like Whine. Eye tells you Sen. Whitehouse, that French pussy S.T.I.N.K.S. and Eye loves it.

Versión mariachi hachis

Versión mariachi hachis. Seriously, Rachel Maddow,, “don’t let the Mexicans see you cry.”

Once de El mañana en París, Francia ; 2 antes de El MediterrÁneo en Rhodie’s Whitehouse Island.

Camilo Cienfuegos just took over for Fletcher F. Fletch and he just took the Balls from Larry Bird, passes to Tony Parker and it’s In. Larry Bird’s Balls ya están jugando Canasta con Maggie Tatcher, Taggie Matcher‽ O algo así.

Eye gKnows you CAN.

Trust mí

Trust mí… it’s a small chorizo, but the picante is in D.A.R.E., that nigga nas D.A.R.E. is feeling it.

The Folger’s freeze-dried Walt Disney’s family never had a TRAGEDY in this Quentin tarantino University. And it is rumored that the Last Words that Walt Disney said, were: GRASS—HOPPER!!!

BEE like Water.

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