#jerk — CAPtuRED by the Light!

Attention all units.


Ingratos… no dejaron entrar a Los Padres!!! En San Diego nadie pudo dormir, al alba de the Who?

The Devil’s avocado, Ari Melber
has captured Rachel Maddow and that son-of-a-gun has already replaced Raquelitos set with some guy from “Greaseland”, according to Bill Maher.

The devil's advocate

The devil’s advocate.:3D3EE395-7072-4857-9D68-78791A925023 •|• “Take” 3.

Truckfighters from the Outer Pitts, pilot episode.
Starring Lee Majors as Wonder Woman.

Take 5

Take 5, Wonder Woman, —replied Control at Houston casi esquina con Brooklyn Bridge. UnBEEgknown to our hero, “Wonder Woman”. Ari Melber replaced The Rachel Maddow Show with Anthony Scaramuchi.

The scam was an easy one. The “Man”, man, would create a “close” Donald Trump “associate”, in the Style of Donnie Deutsch’s Madison Ave., fashion flower car commercial guru. It had to bee a “Heavy”, preferably from Hells Kitchen or some cumpa Fredo sector of Manhattan’s “Mancha Urbana”, a clean-cut Fellow from Sweeden would  only give ideas to the furniture stores in Missouri period

Phase one is a boring one, it involved Pearl Jam getting the entire Generation X, sick and fatigued from all kinds of battles that started with Ticket Prices to the Woodstock 25th Anniversary gig.

Phase two resulted in the Conviction of the entire State of Arkansas for killing Jefferey Epstine at the MCA holding tank facility.

This current phase (in 220/240) was an easy one. The scam focused and targeted stupid Buzzfed Millenials. Cosmo was the delivering agent, in the shape of an intrepid Fall Guy, and of course, wearing an itsy-bitsy-polka-dot Summer dreas.

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