In [dis] section, Cousin Joe will eat Chorizo

Musical guest: Wait Önë cumbia, eh!

Starring: Danny Trejo

Starring: Danny Trejo… in Dolby ESTereo.

Anygüey, Derek Waters… Come Sail with mí

Deer, Katty Kay… at 14h in CDG times, we ask that  Adrianne El Rod stop looking down on U.S. and yes, We [the staff] request that the (bleep…) RELEASE THE KAY. And yes, öüï gKnow that there were two balls sent our way, Önë at the HighNoonan mark an the other just minutes ago, but fuck it, Miss El Rod–in–the–bod of Katty Kay (Nº 6) we [the staff] give you the BASE, hurry along GNoW. Enjoy your 14-hundred hours in CET chorizo munching thyme. On a personnel note at the Water Cooler: Kay (Nº6) is hot.

From the Archives: it was 75 years ago to DO:

Let's get it back

Let’s get it back… and never mind the post-Eisenhower’s who missed the mark.

Ladies in Gemini: Los Bukis… but first. Cousin Joe, your music intermission on marathons suck. But öüï get it, Gov’nor, youse trying… in Montana.

Coming Up:

El Show de la Pantera Rosa:
Season[s] in the Abyss
Episode 3:

La mano en la mano, y no la mano en la pepa.

Minnesota, meet Mí Najayita… and release the KASIE!!!

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