Deer,ÿed, of course you are Agua Proof

Youse a fucking SIREN!!!

It's on

In the voice of BriWi: it’s ON, mr. Angle.

Agent Angle steps to the plate, Derek Waters is on first and, My Generation is on his Comedy CIA ass.

But  FOist, on first Joshua Wong on Amanpour (£iv€) and at the Plate Carrie Wong.

Carrie claims that it’s only a few Wongs out on the streets and that the Crowd-control is just acting in the interest of the current Lider.

Wongs everywhere are on stand-by (anyWay) at the Hong Kong International Airport where The Lider’s Wongs are preparing for “another” military excersise. China of course say that like in the Frontera between Mexico and Guatemala, no pasa nada.

Donald Trump takes this opportunity to tell the Big Wongs at the MainLand that the White House has three blind diplomats on the issue. Rubber bullets are tariff-free and courtesy of Good-Year Rubber Cia.

Umbrellas everywhere are watching. Human Rights, of course, are on vacation, nowhere near India or Pakistan.

This segment of The Angle on Amanpour is brought to you by CANTONese Mississippi Chicken pieces slaughterhouses. Viva Tyson foods and Kentucky Fried Chicken… NOW Serving Tacos across la Europa everywhere.

McKay Coppins, the grownup version of baby-boss, or something like that, has turned into a conspiracy cultivator. Oh-how-the-Waves turn. The very institution that carried Dresden*** is now wondering what went wrong. It does not matter, mr. Coppins, your baby-blue tie looks adorable.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic and CLOCKS ON CHAINS… 400 years of Black America follows.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, negrita, even if you are only Second-generation “african American” in nueva yol.

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