Hey, negrita… Trump made history rhyme.

From the White House:

Oh, the purple Mika's

Oh, the purple Mika’s Mikas!!! [plural].

DING, DING, DIstraction con los EPSTEIN:

Epstein had to go bye-bye Suicide… right. Tell me Alex Wit, why did you overtake Frances Rivera’s bod, eh? You are not fooling any Rachel Maddow, Alex Wit, that talking head delivering the shoe strings theory to the “american” Man’Ouché sector of the MSNBC’s population about the death of Donald Trump’s kiddie-escort buddy, is sketchy as a Chawarma for tourists.

Maxwell Silver Hammer could not bee reached for Orgies.

Peter Brown call to say, “You can make it O.K..” However, “Old flat-top” can’t guarantee, öüï repeat, “Old FLAT-TOP” offers no refunds on the sail through Les Halles de Hades.

Semolina Pilchard could not find the word[s] for la tal Estefania de las Rhules. Sources close to the “Three Cool Kats” at the ol’Manhattan Jail House Rock, say that whatever got Epstein through the night certainly got The Île-de–Manhattan moguls a sigh of whatever ecstasy that he [JEFFREY Epstein] was given administered.

In other news from Babylon 2:
Hoy tampoco hubo noticias.
Knotting to see here.

Excepto Two-Second Cupula…
a “LOST” The Beatles “track”,
according to:
El Pulpo Paul.

Mob y Dick

Mob y Dick (period) Here is your 20h “El Padrino” pinball wizard de las Ocho, Siren.

…and yes, Zeppelin goes here.

THE 45th president of THEM united states of AMERICA, is a fucking Nazi… and nobody is going away, YOU, mr. president are responsible for at least two WHITE nationalists who killed in The Name Of Donald John Trump. NOW, do you, mr. president think that EYE don’t know how to count? Watch, motherfucker.

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