Why you gotta BEE so Rigid — SAWs don’t Kill Peoples

Earlier en La Jugada:

Dora La Exploradora was asked by Vilma Fuentes, ¿si acaso ella se mandaba sola? y Dora le contestó:

— Sí, claro que sí, Señora Fuentes.

Doña Fuentes, acostumbrada a fulminar jovitas mochileras de Tulum, levanta la ceja derecha y con tono irónico en su voz joroba de nuez a Dorita, “¡ah sí, chiquita!. ¿Y tu agüita de Limón de que sabor la vas a pedir?.

De LIMA, doña Fuentes. De Lima y en cantidades industriales para mi Elefante con ruedas y rayos gamma.

When in ROMA

When in ROMA.

It’s the Replay of the Top of the Second, and Camilo Cienfuegos takes his güaripa off to welcome in Marianne into the Diamond.

The soul of a mannequin.

The soul of a mannequin.: starring, La Señora del señor Donald John Trump.

What has four eyes in Mississippi… our missouri, of course, Mr. Noah. Tell mí, or better still, TELL U.S., how was your Ronald Reagan weekend spectacular? Did your staff get them special delivery Blue Suede Shoes*?

Hey, Dimples.

Hey, Dimples, “Think of all the animals », you ever had to fight like, you know, a Pink Panther, starring Brad Pitt, and the such.

Buckle up, Rhodie.

Saudi Arabian Saw (file photo) special edition; M4 follows:

Out of Stock

Out of Stock.: 4801220E-3CDF-4A58-91BC-7C828BC4FA10 •|• Order NOW!

what has a Gorge named George… not Wallace that’s fo’Sure.

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