“Dub the mic on the piano…

Got Music:

10h46 in Central Europe Time.

Show Mí your Cúpulas

Show Mí your Cúpulas!!! With President El Rod. Part öüï Lost Count Basie on the Way to Escondido.

In México’s news, La Jornada report–es that SIR motherfucking Paul McCarthney admits that the “Winged Mayate*” can’t remeber all of the lyrics that he has penned.

* deer John Heilemann, please inform Ari Melber that previously on this same Freq’s we [the staff] went over how in one simple Brazilian Volkswagen, the beatles can fit Long Beach and Torreón Beetles in one Yellow Submarine… and that Avi will be at the helm of that D.I.V.E..

The Cash Register appointments

The Cash Register appointments… Gremlins keep knocking the Signal. TimeStamp: 12:30 rue Aubé

In Donald Trump News, Epstein can’t even bee bothered to think about the MILLION pages he sold on Lego®️ Island.

Two second delay

eye heard the News Today, oh boy… it was with a Two Second delay of Oxicontin from Misery, Ohio.

… and somebody Spoke and Eye went into a Bizarre Dream, LaLaLaLa—lalala—LAlaLA.

Coming Up on Catch LA Lucha Libre del 2020

We like our Gansos y Patos marinated

We (the Zopilote 1 feb 1971 Aztec Numerology; check it out) like our Gansos y Patos marinated

It’s the Bald Headed Birds Main Bout.

Mean, while Trump is president, Walt Disney’s chances of coming back just got … frozen. Find out on the new Morning Joe segment: drain–the—porn!

Condorito, reports:

Count the BaiSES

Count the BaiSES.:A6556135-2D68-4B3A-AE93-95BBCF642492 •|• This here is the FOist of three (blind) cute litte “mice-ces”. PLAYBOL!

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