Lutèce, meet Lettuce… and they had a baby!

Generalissima Jordan’s HALOgram responds:

The following is an un-paid advertorial presented to the European Television—pop-Music Council by the makers and the producers of Saturday Night Politics with Baby Trump, we [the Staff] assure the FNAC that Donnie Deutsch had GknotinHam and Cheese to do with them Benedicts, but le Puy The Fou (o algo así) thanks msnbc y las TANGAS de Salma Medici.

We have Ben’s folds Five finger around Jefferey Epstine’s cryogenic Cock!!!

Fucking Cryogenics

Fucking Cryogenics … you fuckers don’t get it. You’ve all seen Weird Science, but get ready for the New Disney Classic “Lutuce, a tale of Rich Science” starting Steven Segal as the Sheriff from Maricopa County who went to Russia and decided to follow in the ALPHA-male steps of Genghis Kahn and spread his Gene Simmons throughout The World with the help of Professor Stephen Hawkins, Oh, The Humanity!!! ONLY ON COURT TV ON 2020.

Moscú Mitch en Milenio Télévisión de Televisa responde en La Formula de CIRÍLICO Gómez Leyva.

Ciro reports

Ciro reports

— Moscú Mitch, cómo explica el desenlace del Sr. Epstein?

We don't pick the covers

We don’t pick the covers… don’t shot the messenger.

— I support Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, it is all about the “Benjamins”, Sr. Cirílico, All about them BILLS. It’s like PAYOLA, you pay us, and your BUNK SCIENCE is paired with a Disney Channel Approved CIRO PERA LOCA.

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