ZAPATA IS IN-flight — Zapata is shot-down.

GOOOOOO, Frankie!!!

courtesy of bfmer tv

courtesy of bfmer tv.

Almost live from SANGATTE (Pas-de-Calais)
France… next Stop: John “fucking” Oliver’s, motherfucking Cliffs of Dover.

It’s a great day for Human Travel. Viva La Mancha, ISSY, mi querido Franck: chingue a su Madre la tal “dulcinea”.



… and of course; being a French departure, motherfucking Cougars (helicopters) followed.

... que morir de rodillas

El staff apoya a todos aquellos que se atreven a volar el Vuelo de Icarus…/… que morir de rodillas.

09H33* CET … French helicopters, aided by Boris Johnson shoot-down Frankie Zapata… “Oh, the humanity,” said a very disturbed Jean Manu Serrat, an Ancient spécialist of Ancient Flyingmen, speaking on anonymity grounds for BFMer TV.

Once de el mañana

¡BROZOOOOOO!.:4EFBB6D9-6EDB-4719-A8AB-DF489154F267 •|• en París son las Once de El Mañana.

Vlad loves Mitch

Vlad loves Mitch… ad infinitum!

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