15h45 in CET : ASPARAGUS for your Gazpachio

Louis GoHOMErt, does it again!!!

Play mí like Ms. Bass

Play mí like Ms. Bass: pg116… “The NYT story doesn’t look good,” if any one else would order anyone to CREATE A FALSE RECORD s/he would bee FUCKED.

The Balls on that fucker… look at pg. 89 on removing the President condiments on the obstruction of Pasta!!!

Of PASTA. Mr. Jordan. You FUCKING MAFIOSI, but you are right Three Years later Donald Trump is not Charged with a CRIME… it started with “birtherism”, mr. Jordan. WITH Donald Trump, mr, Jordan.

TAKE FIVE, BrEWbeck (16h00 in Deadline White House)

The Italian Job

The Italian Job: never trust a Mini. It killed the Bolanasaurus Rex, because it lacked interior safeguards in the “structure”… of them Halls.

PASTA!!! Ari Melver, wants CABRONARA.

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