Meanwhile in Defiance, Misery… formally San Luis Potosí

It used to bee that when The United States of Henry Kissinger used to sneeze, the world would get a resfriado, In tomorrow’s “special counsel” hearings the world will learn if America’s overdose of antibiotics can no longer kill the “neighbor’s corruption cooties”, which henry kissinger spread like Spanish Blanket on a Mexican curios rockshop.

When don Andrés rejects “la caricia” del 3er país “asegurado”, y acordar en mejor ser “socio” puede ser porque la historia rima con Echeverría/Nixon.

Mean, while the Rook retains the Heidi, Steve Kornaki is making-up Audio Obstruction evidence on the Heidi. Oh, where have you gone , Florida Chuckles, where have Ewe gone.

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