Hear mí out, Franck — Ay amor, part ii

Listen here, Franck, “The Kid Stays in The Picture” and fuck Le Mans (no pun intended), because:

How dark is white

How dark is white? Find out at eleven.


Eye fucking Gknew it! Donnie Deutsch (Aussi) edition, rapid response team.

Move along

Move along, nothing to see here, tune in tomorrow for “them” facts.

👁 New it, i new IT Again: Australia is the enemy. Those fucking ex-cons (with bad dientes) played it right out of Salma Hayek’s husband:

in this section, the student will explain to copy editor Fenster, the copy editor, what happens cuando te dicen que sí, pero no te dicen cuando?

Deer, France “Télévision”, you frogs should have sent the 3. Fucking Two? You French people haven’t invented CoDe yet, have you? Listen to CODA, and yeah, Baby, Zeppelin goes Here.

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