Dear, Ayman Mohyeldin — Coming up on Morning Joe

Eye Have, “soothing”.

Dear, Cousin Joe:

Dear, Ronald Reagan, you are right. Eye am never going ro BEE French, but SOME i assume will have a little Mexican in them when the Thymes come.

Eye Have, “a Signal”:

On Channel Stewart, Rand Paul plays the Role of Pablo Neruda or something like that. Elise Jordan has the day off, so Gael García Bernal is going to play the role of a cop and police the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in a political Wraslin’ Match.

I armando segovia, have a toothbrush from MARIANNE, but most important, EYE have the Blood: Bee Positive, and EYE Gknow that Heil-Hitler-Maaaaaan knows what Ich Bin Ein Berlinier is talking ABOUT. “To The Munn, Alice, to the moon.”

Round one: Elise Jordan’s whereabouts are now gknown. She did not have the THEY off, nope, Ladies in Gemini, Elise Jordan left the {SET} in stilettos and headed to the South of France ; at 16 hundred hours in Central NATO Thymes, Elise Jordan was spotted in at Marseille’s French Foreign Legion Recruitment Offices. Susana y Los Sepultureros, who are currently mapping the Funk out of the Five Continents…

Let’s DO the mathS:

AFRICA : uno
Europa : dos
Asia : tres
Oceania : CUATRO
América : cinco
… and of course, The Poles on opposites ends.

_ Issy, it checks out, Suzy y Los Sepultureros have Indeed, spotted Elise Jordan at the French Foreign Legion recruitment offices. Al preguntarles, Los Pumas Negros, una banda de depredadores sonoros, gruñeron que Elise Jordan no llevaba puesta ninguna de sus extravagantes medallas de Rand Paul. Un Puma que la conoció (en el sentido del Gospel de Van Halen) dijo que lo único peligroso que la Chica de los Ozarks WAS Wearing was a “Bushy/bushie Hair Do” y los Stilettos para surfear.

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