…Blood, part ii : it’s 10h in Central NATO Thymes

BLOOD, Sugar, LECTURE, Magik for nopalitos Verdes

— Pavo Real, eh! Y con 4 cassez por Das Kapital, good Lord!!! Is Sam Stein involved in this ceremony‽, asked a vegüi vegüi RásCALI (aquí) Wabbit.

In Washington, it’s official:
[I]ssy no cumplo lo ofrecido, nos podemos “di-Vora, dee–Vora de La Mar, de La Mer, por Ici pueden pasar, los de adelante traen pápel pa’l Culo y los de atrás Sabrá DEUS cómo le Harán…

LA P. El M. LA C. o El H.

LA P. El M. LA C. o El H.:49B9E544-4ABF-4696-9CD9-C2923BBDBF51 •|• LA Cárcel, o El Hôpital? Yo lo único que NO Sé es de que “Yo Loco Loco, y YeYa Lo Quita“.

Amerikkka has become for the remainder of the 45th president THEY day, a Third-rate ; first-class, Third-Reich shithole.

— … [A]nd then Donald Trump Junior, went:

SANDRO, bring SANDRO in ; Bring the gypsies, yeah “Ese es mi Amigo « el puma », I wish to shoot him like Vice President Dick Cheney shoots Quayle; with a “pot ey toe”… and then of course set the BMW ovens to 1000° Kelvin.

————- Breaking the AyMans in the Moheekans with your friendly SoulSucker, Yasmin Vassoughian: RELEASE the AYmen!!!

In New York, The Rook, Olivia Munn just turned Yasmin into a soul-snatcher!!! Dear, Lord. Isn’t MIKA going to do something about it???



Oh, The Humanity!!!

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