So, the Americans are re–cycling Obama’s judges, eh!?

This is very fishy, very very fishy, indeed.

Nobody noticed

Nobody noticed, but sources close to Nicolle Wallace say that our OverLord, little Donald Trump is collecting the souls of retired Supremes to rhule the Munn, and have that bitch snatch Heidis from a Hollywood Lot.

Is it possible?

…[A]ncient Austronauts in Samalayuca say, “why do you think Area 54 opened it’s doors to the French (quebecois) to discover ; don’t cry for Mí, Siren Adelé, if that is how your name spelled, but you know what, Ah-D.A.L.E., SPELLING BEES need not apply, the Very French are locking up bouquets and anything that resembles tu dulce POLEn en contra de Donald Trump.

The French are funny that way

The French are funny that way, because they invented Jerry Lewis’ humour. Fucking Jerry Lewis is French. Just ask le TeléTHON.

What cruelty will the Very French think of next???

Find out, leave the Front to the outcome of the 2020 election, instead of an impeachment RECOMMENDATION from the Special Council, of the Donald Trump Russian probe. The Nazis are here… are here in 2019, not “the nazis” are here in París, however, if Trump arrives to the Ballot Box with his ego intact, the Nazi’s will re-take the HdV.

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