In California It’s 40 min after midnight,

And to Celebrate the first ever 45th president of THEM United States of America, The Day of the Serpent took a Supreme Court Justice with her.

Eye got 59 renderings

Happy First 45th president They day, mr. Trump.

And Matt Dæmon goes:
Bailando con Verga y Llamando a El Santo ; and Val Kilmer responds, “Dæemon” ya no es luchador, ahora “el manotas” vende tacos en La Avenida Lincoln de Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Son las 11 y media de el mañana en París.

“Para celebrar la venta de tacos d’Occasion”, dijo el général von Choltitz, “supreme Court Justices are 10 cents per Dozen, mí Führer“.

Dear, Robert Mueller, (Sir):

Thyme and Spays say hello:

The Making of Goodwill Hunting

The Making of Goodwill Hunting. Starring: Joe Scarborough, and an assortment of Poles.

Issy, como dicen los kabyles de Monaco: keep on sucking William’s Barr dick in a Russian Federation, “New World”.

Oh, the humanity

Oh, the humanity

Mean, while Donald Trump is in office, those fucking Canucks got the Signal🦷.

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