Dear, Cousin Joe, the Two minute Delay starts…

Rock the CASH-COW  Dick Cheney!!! Rock that Bitch!

Right now! Professor, Eddie GlaudE Jr., per your 10 Second request at the Bottom top of the third hour of Cousin Joe, please be adviced that We [the staff] are 100 percent with the DAUGHTERS OF GENGHIS KAHN.

You ain't seen nothing yet!

You ain’t seen nothing yet! By Fania All STARZ.

Silencio, Sirens:

In this section

In this section.:222BD4C0-8E06-466D-9D49-CAB7D97ACB10 •|• The student will show el rumbo y, o las consecuencias de la flecha TURQUESA que ah–traviesa el Marco florido de Florence Cassez en París, y en el Estado de Cuernavaca también. Tápate los ojos chata.

Are you serious? The DeMs approach to Alexandria is a 79900 (915) approach to “the” swingers in honkey and Sanford states‽

Over on the Reality Bytes Network:

As Easy as...

As Easy as… as easy as taking a Watermelon from a little feline BaBy, Maaaaaaan!!! IT’s As EASY as hooking American Kids to Vaporized JUUL Cereal… or, As EASY as paying HALLIBURTON $750 U.S. per day, PER MINOR, while being “cared for” by Dick Cheney’s war-profiteering American Racket. GOD bless The Evangelical Church of David Duke and Our Lord and Saviour: Donald J. Trump.

What was the Signal, Cousin Joe? “El Paso is with,” [who] Marcelo Ebrad? Fuckers couldn’t even oust Ted Cruz. Socialism is not the enemy. A “supreme” leader at the White House is.

This message is brought to EWE by “racially unambiguous” Lucky Charms… or was it, “racially ambiguous” Frosted Flakes? Es la misma gata revolcada.

Breaking News: Robert Mueller postpones his testimony to the Vladimir Putin U.S. Senate, until August the 3rd, of 2021.

In New York, Cousin Joe’s wife is a beautiful Pole, with all Due Respect. And Uncle Scarborough had nothing to do with the fall of the American version of King Arthur. Mike Barnicle will vouch for the dumb Country lawyer from Alabama, and Willie Geist will go to Normandy if space was available on Ted Danson’s NBC Lear Jet®️. For the record, if it wasn’t for Kasie Hunt the staff would’t even follow the Purple Pundit.

Coming this Summer:

There’s something about the U.S. “ag”… must bee the Stars that Fell on Alabama, last night.

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