15 de July on the morning Eve of the 45th President day

In Paris, it’s raining, because The Sun is napping on the Job. Ladies in Gemini, from now until September 2020 the Very Frenchy french Frogs go on vacation. No eateries will BEE OPEN until then. Parisians must now resort to, wait for it, wait:

What will THEY think of next?

What will THEY think of next? … In Paris, the very French are now breeding little kittens from PASTÈQUE, man! From Pastèque, al cierre d’esta chingada edición  matutina  no se sabe si las Sandias  son Chinas, o regulares.

Over at the Istanbul Grill, las costillas de borreguito pardo se sazonaron con MECOS de Vladimir Putin. En conferencia depRESSE, el déspota Erdogan se dijo desilusionado con la salsa muy Samurai de los llamados “Salade, Tömatë, Glass Onion ».

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