Redonnons le SOURire — Finals Weak

Adventures in Translation
… [A]nd of Course if it is Sunday,
in Interpretation, AUSSI.

"We'll fuck'em up at the PASS"

“We’ll fuck’em up at the PASS”… o algo así.

Sponsored by Le Don del Monop®️
and Fi’Di Cent.

Wait for it

Wait for it, wait:

Who’s affraid of The Dutch? Alfie is, that’s who.

Section Y… Local nEws:
Ana Ana Boba–nah,
Banana nah, nah, nah.
Get a couch, it’s a Conforama Flashback,

—But first, öüï switch it over to Natascha Joy on a.m. Nocturne:

Finals Week, get conforama

In this section of the final the student will transliterate the content pointed by the Red Tie of corporate welfare at The Crossroads of La Europa and… please don’t shoot el mensajero.

It’s official, Rupert Murdoch does not own, ÖÜÏ repeat the beat, does not OwN MsNbC… and that is a good thing, for Comcast, of course.

mean, while Trump remains the president: ‘amaTell ya’: ¡nadie Es profeta en su tierra!

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