Soirée from the living daylights — Shorty’s Palace

Dear, museo-goers… i am not a fucking Pick-pocket. Hijos de España; no—Soy–Carterista. Thank you and have a Nice THEY, sinceramente: Oscar ‘Zeta‘ Acosta Fierro. Esquire.

Eye Knew It!!!

Eye Knew It!!! It’s not that we [the staff] are CraySí. Es más bien, o mejor dicho.:91563AB1-B54C-4855-AC8D-327C729198FFm •|• … in other words, Antonin Moine, hacedor de monas en las rocas [WHO] wanted to make of La Concha, de la Sra. Madre del hijo del Señor, Jésus, the central point of reference en la Iglesia de La Magdalena, néanmoins, la gente de Ozanam siempre han sido quisquillosos, y por si faltase más, conservadores… and for the record, as your personal lawyer Eye advise you to get Three Baggies for the session; Coke is optional.

Ladies in GEMINI of the JURA: Eye present to Ewe:
“Gentle Exhibits”.

Dr. Gonza en el Carnaval de París

Dr. Gonzo en el Carnaval de París… GO AHEAD buzzfeed, steal the French Touch with your little fucking aggregator, This here, little Bitches, is agitation.

— Your Excelencia, the people Object!!!
… [I]f my client was able to pick his nose, —let alone your Wifey’s personal belongings— while fondling a multi-Apple gadget POMONA’s Apples, he’d have enough money to buy the Petit Palais from the Qtaris–esos!!!

Furthermore, your Eminence:
Eye present for the record,
Abuso de ConFianZa con Fe.

Freedom of Information

Freedom Of Information Act: 3

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