La Parada de Sn. Juan — VariaBLE 76′

Camden, Nueva Jersey.
Katy Kay (from the BBC) watches the two tribalist battle it out.

Fucking Bridges

Fucking Bridges.

“Eye hate to say it, [Gordo] but it is probably MÍ”, Je suis Ton little dingleberry, itching and ticking that place where the Sun does not Shine ; como por ejemplo, en Chile.

Eye Am Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Jerry Seinfeld is at the mound, it’s the bottom of the eight… Luis Chaverria, (no relation to the homicidal Attorney Nacional de Gustavo Díaz Ordaz) del CONICYT (no confundir con la estafa Maestra de la Investigación en El Distrito Federal ; formally La Ciudad de Mexico) narra (no relation to the WIFE del Narro sarro de la UNAM ; any güey gueón) desde el diamante… perdón, desde el Pentágono en el 15eme esto es: El Juego de Las Estrellas, send it, porque mi chile si tiene memoria.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA from reel Sequoia Would. Order now.

In Munn News, the Rook[a] known by Trevor Noah as “Olivia” continues to hold the precious Heidi, hostage. Release the Heidi, Munn. Öüï know that this is not the first time that you select your host from the nEwes rooms. We are on to you Munn, release the Heidi or we [the staff] will obliterate Poseidon’s Kracken.

Auto what?

Auto what?…

13h40 at à La Ambassade de Paris–Île–de–France (punto org… you get the Idea)

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Faîtes comme chez vous, mais n’oubliez pas que vous êtes chez nous

    », dicen los muy franceses.

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