Every Miss leads to a revolution: July

Young lady, this is no time for Siesta.

Interview with Eli Guerra

Interview with Eli Guerra.:F6D562DE-E923-417B-859B-67E9547FB396:. American Casa de LA MaÏson, o algo así.

In this section of Finals Week the Student Will explain why Music Television is anything but… in the style of Gordo Sullivan. No lutes please, porque el luto es normal:

Don’t waste my time with tears
I run ‘Deep Throat‘ again
It ran for years and years…

Ladies in Gemini, beefore we continue with the programming, we [the staff] of this most non-consequential blog would like to remind our non-readers that, öüï don’t cut the deck, we simply play the hand dealt. In any case, Talk Dirty–to–MÍ follows:

and still to come, the re-hashed version of “birtherism” by a failed student who copied his daddy’s abject and erroneous line about what the definition of an “American” heritage is or it is not. La Esclavitud, mr. Trumpito, was not a choice cut, like you and your siblings were. Sir.

and Donald Trump Junior went: you make the best of what’s around‽ 

Happy Boricua They

The Nakid Truth Paste

The Nakid Truth Paste

Let “them” know… and good to SEA you again, you are going to need a Magnificent Bastard to Send this Big Feller’s settlements:

The big tuna

The big tuna

Out of the Park… Up and At’em!

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