HOUSTON… öüï got a problema

Abort tonight’s Baby!!!
—ÖÜÏ REPEAT ; Abort the ‘Stach
… [A]nd send one of them Burch’s–esas.
— Over

A lovely THEY

A lovely They… Los otros mexicanos, o cómo dicen los franceses: Los Amigos dd Mexico en TELEVISA.

For this sección amarilla of the Finals Week Exam, the student “Will”…

... and then if it

… and then if it PLEASES:EE6AC7D2-32C1-4046-A4AD-D182630DAD3F •|• … [H]er or him, Kill a Roach, and/or Smoke It!

Killin’ Joke  desde La Comarca
casi esquina con La Zona del Silencio
FINALS Week: That Generational gap
Recepient: Christine Lagarde

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