Eye Screamer: Tokio vìa KukaMonga

Let’s do it.

Live from

Coming to Ewe live, from La Défonce: SPEEDY GRAPHITO and « Le dernier festin », by yMonsieur Rizzo, un güey que trabaja París y Miami, ISSY,  ese cabrón es francés. El pedo es de que según los Hilos de Sasha (ibid.) “habrá que acostumbrarse a LA ABUNDANCIA.

… [D]ear, snarky puppies… ewe keep shooting at the messanger ; Eli Guerra (mamacita) will explain after the TAKE, the episode of PAN y CIRCO, and especially,

From day one

…[W]hen you think someone likes you (pause) and then they don’t.” Snarky Puppy à La Défense 2019 Jazz Fest.

on Concerts for empty Corporate buildings; sponsored by: Vicky Carr αηδ/ or TOTAL.

EYE came in peace.

… mooving on: Luc, Eye am your Father.


Luc, Eye fucked your mother.

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