Finals Week 2008 – 2019: The Rich Club and ITS little Clicks.

Breaking the Crap about the 2001 resolution to go to War… Good God! What is it good for?


The Smashing Pumpkins… With Special guest: SKIPPY.

Dear, Mme. Lagarde, please stand by for GATT context, and of course, Flaca, el temblor de “la mano de Dios” that Shook all the goal posts in Paris back 1986. ¡No se mueva¡ •|• ¡Quieta!!! Little Braveheart…

Coming up

Coming up on The Ozarks: The MoreJo Show goes on a lazy stroll with miss may-ehem. Mika is off today. In New Jersey, Bon Jovi gets in trouble for associating with them Charlie Sheen boys… Blaze of Glory mis pelotas follows and HILARITY ensues when a self-proclaimed “dumb Alabama country lawyer” goes to Punta Canah, in the Dominican Republic and suggest to FOCUS ON THE TRIP that you want to bee…. LIVE FROM La Cité de Pusy, a shopping mall in Alabama’s 17th district.

…[C]an’t go around saying that “El Pulpo Noah” on Viacom, vía them old Rhodesian roads didn’t warn you so, so with that hilo en El Quetzal, we prepare our next Leche de Gimnasia para Pitbull:

Pelotero a “la bola” — nevermind the Ticos, ya llegó el Doctor Chapín.

Syndicat National Commerce Antiquité

Syndicat National Commerce Antiquité [Y] Occasion… en asociación con Cragstan Crapshooter  (in the Role of John Bolton] y Donald Trump as himself.

In the meantime, Mme. Lagarde, while donald Trump remains in charge of all them Marine and Army garrisons, which, Cousin Joe, rumor on them Washington Hills are “buzzing” with tales of sub-standard new recruits (wait for it, ¡quieta!, take a SEAT), oh, the humanity.

Stop assuming you make my memories

Stop assuming you (motherfuckers) make my memories… make a better, more motherfucking resistant power cable. How ’bout you fuckers at “The Space Aguja” assemble MÍ a better power hook–up, ya’bums!

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