Dear, Trevor Noah: here’s how the chain “of concern” works

Here’s the thing about dictator shit-hole-Embassyies blocking the access to that most prescious sparkling water SOURCE: l’eau de chatelet, o algo asi… mientas pasa un juego de l’argentina  Fuck QTAR  , o algo así.

hungry now , need French Food, a kebab.

Middle-eastern tortilla secured, and still, Purple Pundit… there is no fucking French bar showing the World Cup!!! Fucking bar-owner hypocrites and the French government that subside them “business types”.

It is all about the COCK.

Fucking small business money laundering in the form of BARS, fuck you.

If a pussy is running the play, it does not matter, no matter how much AIR FRANCE and their shit bags try to SELL IT TO ewes.

And of course Trevor Noah, the security rent–a–force is all African ; for good signal and better measure, just like them Mexican Corrupt Gendarmes–es…es! To call’em Uncle Toms would bee, you—know: BOSTONIAN. EYE wonder, what the Olympics are going to innovate.

Now, please, Brontis, tag mí, as an extremist. Please!!! Please. pretty—please.

If Argentina won, good. If they didn’t, there’s always the EYE–Em#–F.

Now, Trevor Noah, here’s your moment of ZEN:

Don’t get mí started on supermaket security, while they watch mí, at least three “fair” customers snatch the goods, Congrat’s. Monoprix!!!

Eye tell you, them nigga’Mexicans.

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