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Punto de conchas

Punto de conchas — You don’t know, if you don’t know Jakob’s musshell.

We [the staff] found the source of Las Conchas de Santiago de la llamada Compostela, SIN EMBARGO, Brits are securing the Access, —no hay pedido— öüï got friends in LOW places and so we turned over to Floor, a jeepster from Holland.

Recon report from our man Floor reports that the fipian tribe did not heed the warnings from The Eisenhower farewell address. Right now, the sirens have been penetrated way beyond sector G. The situation is Stormy. Everything got wet. Bee adviced that it only took one fucking like from the TwittSyndicate for them floosies to roll on their back and demand a belly rub.

Coming up on Ancient Ailiens

Coming up on Ancient Ailiens … los piratas de la otra costa.


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