!Goooooooool!!!!!! — Dear, John Heileman


Here to catch the match?

— Indeed, Sergent Major, indeed.

Here to make the CATCH

Not really, Blondie… more like HERE to make the CATCH! Lucha Libre, Baby.:663B7E21-D3FE-4164-8AF5-57DB8E6B65D3… Free Entry, eh? —and You Say FREE FOOD‽… Tell you what, Sir ; if, and Only if, you throw a Sleep Mattress with a My Pillow®️U.S.A. on the DeAl, and EyE guarantee you that we’ll take the CUP.

Thursday, June 8th 1944. Katy Kay [in the R.O.L.E. of Amandine Henry] scores an Olympic Goal on the boys.

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Happening now on MSNBC, horse puckey.

The gloves are off, The Wi Tang Clan bitch-slaps The FOX Hannity and the Banana Republic that Rupert Murdoch helped create in Washington, D.C..

Digresión from the HoBO on les Tripas de Caen

So we [the staff] ended up spending our most privileged, not Entitled bandwagon of the American Forces in Normandy with the Brits, the Canucks and yes, even the Poles. If you are not reading this, the Rafales are bending them big ol’trees like the Spice Girl toy:

La Patrulla Pasa

La Patrulla Pasa, la caravana goes: uhhhhhh!

Meanwhile, the reverend Al Sharpton calls in the Defender: Wendi Renard [in the role of Karine Jean-Pierre] People who know, know that the Renard is literally head over everybody shoulders, according to Twitter, or some penetrator like that.

Breaking the KATZ:
Minuto 85: Katy Kay scores.

I always thought that  Dennis Farina was joking when he delivered the classic, “EyE thought you (fuckers) invented the language”, on the set of “Get Shorty”, but walking next to drunk Welch lads is really on another level. It’s like going back in time.,. scratch that, it’s like going back in Eras, no lie, we [the staff] had a Sir David Attenborough moment. Eye shit you not Heilemann.

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