MENNnnnnnnn! — Nevermind the Astros

[The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice]:

'zat You, Valerie‽

‘zat You, —Valerie‽

Attention Battlestations

It appears that the All-mighty God of Ages does in fact loves U.S. after all. The climate control is once again set to OVER CAST, we hope that by the time that we [the staff] reach Omaha, RAIN might be pouring on Donald Trump’s draft-dodgin’ HAIR.

Got 99 problems but...

Got 99 problems but…:D10E0494-4906-4D85-BADA-F0DA29FA6BB0 •|• them Jeans ain’t one of’Em#

S.I.N. Protocolo

Bee advised that a Delta Element from the M.A.C.U.M.B.A Crew and Pathfinder Division will BEE providing security throughout the trail. Avenue of approach is TBD at the manifest site before ROLL–Out.

Chat Perdu

Chat Perdu

Entre mythe et réalité: l’homme chauve – souris

Ladies in Gemini, at a Quarter Master to Two p.m. in Central Siren Times, Grace Jones has joined the running of La Concha de Notre Dame de Paris. We [the staff] repeat: Grace Jones concha has dropped her Vag into the competition to put a Concha on top of le coq de la flecha de La Catedral de Isis en Paname.

Bat what?

Bat what? .:16BE8BF3-39D1-4D50-8814-C21834C861C9 •|• « pour leur donner force et courage, certains mexicains leur installèrant des artefacts sur leurs autels dédiés á la grande faucheuse : »…

__ [F]igurines de BATman [and/or Grace Jones], jaquettes de films, comics del Chapulín de Colorado y del Chavo del Huitième are welcomed at drop point 19th on rue De La  MosDef  MosELLE et QUOI de la mentadα loire

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