God-damn it, here comes the Sun

Timestamp 19.45 CET

Do Güap Dü Wap

Do Güap Dü Wap

[George See Scott’s voice]

— Fuck it! We roll-out around MidNite.

[Ben Afflac’s voice]

— Not so fast,
let me ruin the franchise.

Fall in

Fall in, with Chris Hayes en francés. Mean, while Trump dines with the Royals, Hallie Jackson is doing tea time at the U.K. Subs. The Roman Circus, Ladies in Gemini, —at it’s peak— could not melt the Ice the way that the 45th POTUS of the United States of Am’Orica does.

… [A]nd The Saint went:
“Oh, the humanity,” some motherfucker stole the Morning Joe, and no, not the Alabama dumb Law Boy, not the “Cousin Joe”, but the real turpentine grade octane coffee from the U.S.O.!!!

This caused a bottleneck at the line of departure and a lockdown on that awesome sector where the sparkling water is dispensed.

An absolute and consummate presentation of a « Soup Sandwhich » in reel time. Meanwhile, at the Purple Pundit’s round-table, someone needs a glass of water.

June 4th 2019

June 4th, 2019 via 17:7669BEE0-6DF0-47D3-9153-063ECDDC40A0

Long story short, roll–out is postponed for 12 hours. The Sparkling Water will remain off-limits for at least one month. A catastrophé, and did we [the staff] mentioned the Morning Joe, from the Soul Kitchen of the U.S.O..

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