Clappin’ is not Solving, ‘Stan!!!

Vat’s Da–plan Van?


A—Ha!!! La Teoría de LA libération; where did we [the staff], get shunned from at Saint–Germain–des–Press for chalLenging a la Teoría de La Libération.
… and still to come:
‘Cum on professor, does weed really turn you gay? What are you, like from El Gran Estado de chihuahuita? [‘dis conversation exchange actually happened inside of one of them Sorbonne annex–es–es classrooms reserved for the GATT politiks spectrum p.a.r.a. Latin America, a.K.a. IHEAL por sus siglas L.U.S.T.R.O.S. (mismo como un quinquinato) en el  P.A.N. francés y los otros Amigos de Oscar de La Hoya, on Sepulveda Blvd.

Next on the 720 club:
Does the Capitol Police have any real time thread? Or are the Chris Matthews-es-es of today just for Presentation and decoROnación Purposes? Let’s ask a fucking Werewolf.

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