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live from New York

FUNNY dance

La influencia de la democracia
en la Inteligencía Artificial*
de los gringos de los EEUU,

For Unlawful Branding purrrrrP.O.S.E.S.

For Unlawful Content Branding purrrrrP.O.S.E.S.
Source: Democracy in America, Vol. ii (of 2).
Author: Alexis de Tocqueville
Translator: Henry Reeve (from French to ‘Murican)… the staff (from’Murican to Castellano norteño)
Character set en C.O.D.I.N.G.: ASCII

ibid; episode ii,
[for branding purposes]
now with Time-Delay™️ added.

…[B]ut first:
It’s Mika’s favorite segment, and if you guessed that an “American Idiot” was born on a time-delayed™️ continuum like the one that you certainly did not read in 1972, Jude Bee Correct!

American Idiots at The Races

What are the odds on American Idiots today at The Races, in time-delay™️, —of course.: 5580B066-6E41-4DE1-9958-8612F78CFC6D •|• Enjoy the rest of your Green Day.

It’s time for People Born in May.

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