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"Loki is the god of MAYhem"

“Loki is the god of MAYhem” (2016). Christina Amanpour y La Zeta de Tijuana; Unesco Site casi esquina con los inválidos de don Napo en PΕÑOLES.


Which begs the motherfucking Question, of The TIME, Jon (Favreau) FaverEAU:

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz en Castellano.
La Vox ganó — Long Live the K.I.N.G.!
In Spanish Harlem, —of Course.

1. Killing Collin Jost–es_es–ese’s girlfriend was not cool; it would have BEAN a better–business–Federal Bureau of Investigation if the Cul–Er_EAU had gone down on that O.R.A.C.L.E. d.a.r.e. there; Jon.

2. For the record with Colbert, and his hijacked report of ‘the’ Beatles American landing and port of entry: Eye Started a Watch COMPANY. And Eye can do this ALL They; and all of the Knight. Eye can straighten-out THE KINKS on that ‘big fat mamma,’ d.a.r.e..:

3. Good Call on pulling the plug on the Tesla fella’.Tesla fella’ had a A.I. heart. Tesla fella’ is going to be needing a migration update on the next reboot.

And Yes S.I.R.E.N… this here is an:


nº Lot

3T24207; nº lot: DC65A80A-0979-4714-BA91-E4C57C64AD8E •|• CAPTAINE FRACASSO en tono Verde Aguacate.

Tired of all them Blanc & Prieto paints?

How much Purple can you hold in a CAN

How much Purple can you hold in a CAN: EF49266C-37CC-4377-BB76-B49927E31BDF •|• … as much as YOU want.

Is that a promise? — You betcha!

—– M.O.R.E. —–

📌 Sopas Warhol:

📌 Los Aliados de Steve Bannon en la Conquista de “LA” Vox en Espagna: •|• … [Y] al regresar: la afición de los del ‘Milenio’ a cazar elefantes en Botsuana.

—– more —–

Dear, Matthew; never underestimate the 48/1971 connection de las ranas de rennes. Ya les tocaba.


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